We extend our Offer to wholesalers from the Polish market and from abroad; in particular, to wholesalers of horticulture products, sale outlets, architects of green areas, companies which organize gardens and green areas. We would like to inform clients travelling a large distance, that there is a hotel with a restaurant two kilometers away from our nursery. We cooperate with forwarding companies, and we can assist you with organization of transport.

Price Offer Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Prices included in the offer are valid only for professional customersi.e.: shops, shopping centres and wholesalers of horticulture products, landscaping architects, businesses involved in arranging green areas, plant nurseries and other businesses and individuals involved in professional gardening or sale of plants.

Prices shown in our offer are net prices and are exclusive of VAT.

Plant prices do not include the cost of transport or additional packaging used for plants transport. The cost of transport and packaging are covered by the customer. We reserve the right to amend prices during the season.

In case of a single cash-purchase of plants, we grant the following discounts:
Purchase amount above net PLN 3000 - 2% discount
Purchase amount above net PLN 5000 - 3% discount
Purchase amount above net PLN 8000 - 5% discount
Purchase amount above net PLN 10000 - 8% discount

We grant discounts when making a prepayment – prior to the plants collection, or when paying by cash – at the time of plants collection.
Regular customers can count on a deferred payment date, but with this form of payment they are not entitled to receive a discount.

- The nursery does not have its own transport; however, we are ready to assist you with organization of transport throughout Europe. We work with the best transport companies in Poland. We issue intra-Community invoices. We have a lot of experience in exporting outside the European Union.
We do not send our plants by courier services.

Orders can be placed:
- by e-mail at:
- by fax (+48) 25 752 66 96
- by phone +48 606 973 385
- in person at the nursery

We are open for business from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00.

We are able to sell potted plants throughout the entire year (during winter after first placing an order).
Plants dug out from the soil are sold depending on the weather conditions, usually in the spring season from early March to early May, and during the fall season from early September.
Orders for plants dug out from the soil are carried out depending on the weather conditions, therefore, the agreed date of collection may be changed.

Nursery of Ornamental Trees and Bushes Sutkowscy located in Sinołęka nearby Kałuszyn conducts only wholesale trading. We conduct retail trade in our retail nursery at the "Ogród i Dom" gardening centre in Choszczówka Stojecka near Mińsk Mazowiecki, ul. Warszawska 80, tel. 25 759 95 40,

Warranty and complaints
Nursery of Ornamental Trees and Bushes Sutkowscy makes every effort for the goods sold in our nursery to be of the highest quality and to fully meet the expectations of our customers. Any possible defects in the plants or quantity shortages must be reported immediately after the receipt of the plant. Warranty will not apply in the case of improper handling of the plants. Also warranty does not apply to plants with defects known to the buyer at the time of purchase. All complaints are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The items marked with red color are currently not available


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